Annual Christmas Message
You will have to look hard to find any mention ofChristmas in the December issue of The Rotarian. Elsewhere you may find grudging reference to people “celebrating the season” as though they were an order of itinerant Druids intent upon some forest rite marking the winter solstice.
No so at the Rotary Club of St. Thomas. It maintains the tradition of an annual Christmas message delivered by diverse clergy representing diverse denominations. This year it was the turn of Captains David Bond and Irene Nyree, representing the Salvation Army.
David and Irene are married (to each other) and have three sons. They moved last year to St. Thomas, their fifth appointment in eight years of ministry. The Salvation Army currently provides a wide range of social services, none of which receive government funding. This year’s Christmas Kettles have very nearly reached their goal of $150,000, to be spent year-round on these services. This year’s Christmas message is a hope to be delivered from the distractions of the season and focus on real peace in relationships and in all areas of life.
Every year at Christmas, under the leadership of Ron Somerville, a collection is taken up for and presented to the Wayside servers (a few of whom are seen at left).
HAPPY FINS - Donations of $5 to The Rotary Foundation – Annual Programs Fund – credited to the donor in celebration something good in our lives. This practice was started in this club in 1985 to raise funds for polio eradication at the suggestion of Darwen Lowe, a member of the club.
Bill Horn (4) – For Pat Martyn’s illuminated Christmas sweater; for new Assistant Governor Nancy Lovelock; for the “big train” sculpture at the city’s west end roundabout; for his granddaughter’s 30th birthday.
Maggie Horn (3) – For winning the 50/50; her youngest granddaughter is 16 years old; for the performance of Handel’s Messiah at Centre Street Baptist Church last Saturday.
Malcolm Rust (4) – For David and Irene, today’s speakers; to congratulate the sculptor of the roundabout train; to thank Stew for the Club’s web site: it has made progress in the past year; to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
Nancy Lovelock (2) – For the Salvation Army who translate love into action and for Rotary which does the same thing; Merry Christmas!
Dave Jeffreys (4) –. For the performance of Handel’s Messiah which he and his wife attended with Adriana and Marco Sr.; for the Christmas get-together with friends from around the world who are newcomers to Canada. Dave is a former member of the Aylmer Rotary Club (fins presented for him by Adriana).
Adriana Balderas (3) – Elder son Marco Jr. is home for the holidays and younger son Andrew is soon to be 15.
Ron Somerville (3) – For the nice family gatherings at this time of year; for his granddaughter’s first birthday; his brother-in-law was taken to a new surgeon who thinks he can find a way to save his foot.
Dave Payler (4) – Two grandsons have their driver’s licences; for two upcoming birthdays (one is his own, on January 6).
Pat Martyn (5) – For the Christmas Carol Sing at the Old Church a few weeks ago; she has a son with a birthday tomorrow (Thursday); her son-in-law has his birthday on Christmas Day; her and George’s 53rd wedding anniversary is on Boxing Day; her granddaughter’s birthday is on December 29.
Mike Moore (20) – In anticipation of the 100th birthday of his dad’s mom who will soon turn 99.
President Trish welcomed our speakers and Maggie Horn, wife of Bill, as guests today. Maggie was 50/50 winner….For the next two weeks (December 27 and January 3), the Club will not meet, but on January 10, we will all return to hear Tanya Wolff, District Director, on the Avoidable Blindness project in Mexico, a District project. January 17 is a Club Assembly, to include a financial report on the Tour of Homes….Stew Shouldice was Fine Master, charging those not visiting the Club web site in the past week the usual loonie.
Malcolm Rust announced the “Grand Opening” of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital’s “Great Expansion” on Tuesday, January 9 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the new North Building. Please RSVP to Malcolm who will reply to the Hospital on behalf of all members wishing to attend.
December 27 – No Meeting
January 3 – No Meeting
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 – Tanya Wolff, Avoidable Blindness
At the Wayside, 12:15 p.m.



Fine Master

Wednesday, December 27

No Meeting (363 Shopping Days until Christmas)

Wednesday, January 3

No Meeting (Birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien)

Wednesday, January 10

Ron Somerville

Trudy Kanellis

Brenda Merrifield

Wednesday, January 17

Gerry Janssen

Nancy Lovelock

Jennifer Babcock

Photos: Gerry Janssen, Malcolm Rust & Microsoft

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