July 20 Happy Fins:
Cindy:  Visit by her daughter and wife.
             Cindy's 86 (?) year old mother still gets together with her siblings for happy hour.
Maggie:  Thanks for the dessert.
               Grandson's birthday.
Mark:   Spent Sunday in Brampton visiting his birth mother.
            His birth father also came over for a visit.
            As did his daughter and grand daughter.
Barbara:  Attended a performance of Chicago and also a meet and greet afterwards.
                Bob is attending our meeting today.
                The movers are in Oromocto today to pack up her daughter's house.
                Seeing Malcolm again.
Ron:   Thanks to host.
           Bob is attending
           Discovery Tour planning is going well.
           Had a friend visiting from Florida.
Catharine:  Her son is moving back to Ontario.
Adriana:  Macro's birthday and he is home from Europe
                Jessica got a full time job.
Wednesday, July 27 
We met at the Elevated Parkk.  While it was somewhat breezy it did not rain.
Numerous people wandered by and we asked them if they would like to join Rotary but did not have any takers.
Happy Fins:
Mark:  Had a Sunday visit with his grandson in Welland
Trudy:   Great trip to BC
             Nick had some good test results.
Ron:      Had several nie gatherings in the past week.
Gerry:   Met some people in Apsley, ON which was the home to one of the Canadian soldiers who took part in the Liberation of Gerry's father's home town in the Netherlands.
Mary:   Day off
            Seeing everyone at Rotary
Barbara:   Spend the weekend painting daughter's new home.  
Malcolm:  Happy to be with everyone.
No meeting next week so we can celebrate the Civic Holiday and Ron's birthday on the 5th.  
August 10 we will assemble at Pat's home and car pool over to the Solitude Nature Reserve to see the tree that was planted and the rock, too..