Posted on Jul 12, 2018
Ed Willson and Ron Somerville were at your service.
Adriana began the meeting with a request for members to track their volunteer
hours. Through a separate email members will receive a form to keep track of
hours. At the end of each month, members are asked to submit their hours by
email or paper to Adriana. This initiative will prove interesting and it is at the
request of Rotary International .
Gerry summarized some of the speakers he enjoyed at the recent conference and
encouraged members to go to and listen to those on line.
Suzanne distributed a recent members’ list, a few errors – which Suzanne was
fined for – sorry George! We currently have 21 members.
Not all Foundation members were present, but Suzanne requested that the
Foundation Club meeting scheduled on Sept 12 be moved up to Sept 5, and if
time permits, followed by a club assembly. The reason being she had already
scheduled a speaker for Sept 12. The Foundation members present thought this
was fine, in the event a member not present wants it kept on the 12, please call
me directly and I’ll change the speaker.
The next Board meeting will be after a short Rotary meeting Wednesday August 1,
if anyone has anything (remember non board members can make requests ) for
the Board to consider please let Suzanne know.
Suzanne explained how to get an updated Criminal Background Check.

The 50/50 was won by Adriana

Happy Finns

Barb 1 -- no longer a guest

Ron 3 -- welcome Barb; 38th Anniversary; friend in excellent health

Adriana 2 --children's accomplishments; welcome Barb

Ed 1-- welcome Barb

Jennifer 2 -- 13th anniversary and family trips for summer

Pat Martyn 2 -- welcome Barb and the rescue of soccer kids in cave

Gerry 2 -- welcome Mary and Great soccer match

Adriana Balderas
Edie Delanghe
Suzanne Ferguson
Bill Horn
Gerry Janssen
Trudy Kanellis