Club Foundation, New AG, and More on the Agenda
Constant readers of the Rotaserver will recall that one item of unfinished business from the lately held AGM of the Club Foundation was the approval of the Annual Financial Report. That deficiency was remedied today, as promised, with the appearance of Mark Wales
Mark distributed copies of “the statement of financial position” and “statements of operations and change in net assets,” prepared by the Mark A Wales Professional Corporation CPA, for the year attended June 30, 2017. This work did not constitute an audit of the Rotary Club of St. Thomas Foundation. After a brief discussion, the statements were approved by the membership.
President Trish introduced Past President Nancy Lovelock as new Assistant Governor for Area 10, her three-year term to begin July 1, 2018.
The Rotary Club of St. Thomas is no longer in Area 4, but, thanks to realignment, is now in Area 10, along with the Railway City, Aylmer, Strathroy and Lambeth Clubs. Nancy has a few months of “Rotary school” ahead of her.
HAPPY FINS - Donations of $5 to The Rotary Foundation – Annual Programs Fund – credited to the donor in celebration something good in our lives. This practice was started in this club in 1985 to raise funds for polio eradication at the suggestion of Darwen Lowe, a member of the club.
Dave Payler (1) – For one of the nicest Christmas parties the Club has ever had (December 6 at the Wayside).
Ron Somerville (3) – Thanks to Nancy for stepping up as Area 10 AG-to-be; he is the grandfather of a one-year-old baby (who should be thirty by now); his youngest son has a new job, working for a Japanese firm growing mushrooms on Talbot Street from where he gets to take them to Manhattan once a week.
Stew Shouldice (1) – Thanks to Mark Wales for a good financial report.
Trish Shouldice (1) – For a family birthday (son).
Mark Wales (2) – For a second child born to his immediate family, a son, Phoenix Dexter; for winning the 50/50 today.
Ed Willson (1) – For the Tour of Homes this year (“one of the best years we’ve had”). Ed displayed a poster board of photographs from the Tour’s 2nd year in which Wayne McKinnon was much in evidence.
Malcolm Rust (1) – For Gerry (and Catherine) Janssen’s work on the Music Festival and Gerry’s on last week’s Rotaserver.
Pat Martyn (4) – Thanks to the Club and Tour Committee members and all others who helped to make this year’s Rotary Christmas Tour of Homes such a great success. Pat was 2017 Tour of Homes Chair.
Jennifer Babcock (1) – For the safe arrival of what is expected to be a baby boy at the end of January.
Making a brief appearance to say “hello” was Bryan Vine (seen at left, in the middle between Pat Martyn and Trish Shouldice). Bryan was a former member, first of the St. Thomas Rotary Club and then of the St. Thomas Railway City Rotary Club, before moving to Burlington -- where he became a Rotarian. Bryan was dining elsewhere in the Wayside but helped to get things ready for our meeting. A true Rotarian!
President Trish thanked Ron Somerville for arranging to have Gerald Vreman play at last week’s Christmas party, Gerald himself (in absentia), Nancy Lovelock, for collecting woollen items, and Gerry Janssen for devising a fun trivia quiz. A good time was held by all in attendance!
Next week (December 20), it’s the Annual Christmas Message, this year to be delivered by a representative of the Salvation Army. Then there are two weeks in which the Club will not meet (December 27 and January 3). On January 10, we will all return to hear Tanya Wolff, District Director, on the Avoidable Blindness project. A Club Board meeting will follow that meeting.
Nancy Lovelock reported that, as a follow-up to the All-Club Breakfast in October, she had met with the Knights of Columbus about forming a committee to get space on the City of St. Thomas website for contact information related to the community’s service clubs. On Saturday, February 17, service club representatives will meet with someone from the City of St. Thomas at a breakfast at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Wellington Street to discuss what should be included in such a directory. This might also be an opportunity to look into updating the service club sign on Talbot at Sunset Road. Earlier, Nancy noted that the District’s focus in 2018 would be on youth and raising Rotary’s profile in the community. What could be more to the point?
Our only guest today was Mark Wales. Welcome!….A “thank you” was received from Nicole Amodeo, the Central Elgin student honoured at the Service Above Self awards presentation on November 22. Nicole writes to the Club: “I would like to personally thank you for your ongoing recognition of young individuals within the community who aspire to make a difference. I am honoured to be chosen as a Service Above Self recipient along with other youth within my community. Thank you once again for the opportunity, award and support you guys provided for me.” It is a pity that there were not more Rotarians in attendance at the meeting, and that an article on students at this event did not appear owing to The Weekly News’ unexpected demise.
Mark was winner of the 50/50 draw. Sergeant-at-Arms Ed Willson fined everyone who did not attend last week’s Christmas party an extra loonie and Fine Master Ron Somerville showed us the Club’s brand new Rotary flag. It must not suffer loss!
The Knights of Columbus New Year’s Levee takes place on January 1, 2018, from 12 to 3 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Wellington St., St. Thomas.

On Saturday, December 16, at 9 a.m., the Railway City Rotary Club will be packing apples for the Christmas Care hampers. They will be at 50 Harwill Road, St Thomas, at the Christmas Care Headquarters.

On Wednesday, December 20, at 5:30 p.m., the RCRC will be having a Christmas Club Meeting at the St Thomas Roadhouse Bar & Grill. The food they will be having is pizza and Caesar salad; however, you can order anything off the menu. The Interact Club is included in the invitation. The cost is $5 per person, plus the cost of any drinks or extra food ordered. If you can attend either event just RSVP to RCRC President Wade Coombs. His cell is 519-661-9455 which you can text or call; email is
Wednesday, December 20 – Annual Christmas Message
At the Wayside, 12:15 p.m.



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Wednesday, December 13

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Wednesday, December 20

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Wednesday, December 27

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Photos: Malcolm Rust & Microsoft