Club Holds Its Annual Christmas Celebration
The club met on Wednesday night at the Wayside Dining Lounge for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship, at its annual Christmas party, a well-established club tradition. President Trish Shouldice welcomed everyone and after the singing of Oh Canada and a toast to Queen and Canada, and to Rotary International, a lovely buffet dinner was enjoyed by all.
Our Interact club was ably represented by Miranda Ross, Andrew Valdez and Sabreena Nemeth-Crouch. Club members present were Ken Ferguson, accompanied by his wife Faye, Gerry Janssen and his wife Catharine, Trish Shouldice, Stew Shouldice, District Governor Martin Ward and partner Mary Ruston, Ed Willson and his wife Kathy, Pat Martyn with husband George, Bill Horn accompanied by his wife Maggie, Nancy Lovelock with husband Paul, Adriana Balderas and husband Marco Valdez, Malcolm Rust and his wife Donna, Ron Somerville accompanied by his son Cliff , Dave Payler, Trudy Kanellis and Gerald Vreman. Missing this year were Rotarians from the Aylmer and Railway City Rotary clubs – they both had other functions to attend.
Good food + good company = Happy faces
President-elect Gerry Janssen quizzed the audience with Christmas trivia…. serious business…,…. on a lighter note (pun intended), Rotarian Gerald Vreman played the keyboard and led everyone in the singing of Christmas songs and carols.
Below: To conclude the evening, everyone gathered around in a circle for the singing of Silent Night, and Let There be Peace on Earth (lyrics provided by Ron Sommerville).
HAPPY FINS - Donations of $5 to The Rotary Foundation – Annual Programs Fund – credited to the donor in celebration of something good in our lives. This practice was started in this club in 1985 to raise funds for polio eradication at the suggestion of Darwen Lowe, a member of the club.

Happy Fins received this week will be reported next week

The winning 50/50 ticket was not claimed by anyone, so the proceeds were donated to the Interact Club.



Fine Master

Wednesday, December 13

Stew Shouldice

Trudy Kanellis

Ron Somerville

Wednesday, December 20

Ron Somerville

Edie Delanghe

Suzanne Ferguson

Wednesday, December 27

Meeting Cancelled

Photos: Malcolm Rust, Trudy Kanellis, Gerry Janssen