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25Nov21 Water First Webinar
What Water First does:
The Water First Internship Program is a 15-month paid internship for young adults entering the field of water science. The internship offers participants customized skills training and tutoring to obtain certifications in drinking water treatment and envir-onmental water quality monitoring.Graduated interns have gone into careers as treat-ment plant operators, environmental technicians or pursued further education. The Water First Internship program is a valuable training initiative focused on developing operational capacity locally. Water First continues to collaboratively adapt the program to best serve First Nation communities.
Our Watershed Restoration and Fish Habitat Restoration projects train and employ Indigenous community members to rehabilitate parts of traditional territories to reduce erosion, improve water quality, reduce runoff, and increase viable spawning habitat for traditionally harvested species. Baseline Water Quality and Contaminant of Concern studies provide communities with water quality and contaminant information for their aquatic ecosystems. Importantly, by putting an emphasis on skills and implementation training, communities retain the ability to conduct further monitoring on their traditional territories
Indigenous students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 participate in week-long workshops that promote knowledge, inspire an interest in the water sciences, and expose them to potential career paths inthe water science industry. Students learn about water science through hands-on, inquiry-driven activities, and participate in land-based activities such as tree planting to improve the health of their communities’ watersheds.
Please see pic of panelists. Upper left is Nadia George an Ambassador, upper right Carli Lang PhD Scientific Director, lower left Atshapi Andrew Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Nfld and Labrador (editor guessed from https://geo.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/cippn-fnpim/index-eng.html), Kacie McLaren of Kebaowek First Nations bordering Quebec and Ontario.
See link bellow for a hug amount of information on Aboriginal communities in Canada.
Atshapi emphasized happiness and being positive about the future. He is a water technician. Each nation owns its data. He monitors information affecting fish habitat; that is their life line. He has been trained in the modern world’s formal training, but also considers traditional knowledge. He reported work that showed water temperature for fish habitat of below 18 degC lead to 95% survival but above 21 degC lead to 75% survival. His first attempt to get funding for a project failed, but later was successful.
Kacie has a tremendous enthusiasm for her work looking for damage to water systems, remediation, monitoring results and moving rocks to ensure shoreline stabilization. Aboriginals remember traditions for many generations past and think “7generations into the future”. They have monthly meetings with Pulp and Paper Industry and mining industry and dam expansion.
The panelists agreed the we can help by donating (as our club has done), by volunteering, spreading the word  of the work done by Water First. Information is shared between communities/nations.
Please see pic below of members staffing 50/50 table and Horton Christmas market. (Editor told they are Barbara and Nancy)
Saturday at 12noon we will decorate the Splash pad at Pinafore for Christmas with RCRC.
Next week we meet with  Imam and Alfatah Twakkal who will introduce us to the local Muslim commuinity and the issues they are facing.
The board will meet 29Nov21 at 5pm at Wayside to approve a budget.
Mark reported recommendations for next year for the Discovery Tour Committee to consider. These included marketing, ticket cost, posters, incorporation of winning photo in brochure, and logo.
Barb warned us that there may be questions as a result of promotional material from Wild Flower Farm that assumed that the “St Thomas Rotary Club” they named, which refers to RCRC, was our club. The brochure reported that “St Thomas Rotary Club” received some revenue from parking control. The farm charged a set amount for parking which was not determined by Rotary.
Trish has signup for Horton Christmas market Sat 20Nov21. Contact her to fill the 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. time slot. We should wear a Christmas Hat.
Saturday 27Nov21, 12 noon we are setting up the Christmas Lights at Splash Pad, Pinafore Park. Scott Carrie from RCRC has generator and lights. Look forward to some fun.
November is Foundation month which matched the next item of business, the Rotary Club of St Thomas Foundation AGM.
Barb won the 50/50. As fine master, she asked “How many districts are there in RI?” No one guessed 535. What is the highest award given by RI and who from our club won the award? No one guessed Service Above Self or our founding President Frank Sanders. How many countries are represented internationally? No one guessed 220? What is our current motto? No one guessed “Serve to Change lives”. It was a good haul.
Happy Finns:
Trish – Mother Kathryn’s birthday, kudos to club volunteers who kept our involvement with this summer’s Horton Market alive and well including Trudy, Mark, Gerry and Adriana along with anyone else who helped.
Mark – Trudy’s work in so many aspects of Rotary. The Happy Finns go to RI and the club member and club get recognition.
Barb – Happy Finns, Trudy’s work with the Foundation is more than Barb imagined, ACT theatre group can not perform but they can party at Mary’s anyway.
Ron – Kathryn’s birthday, Trudy, Malcolm and Mark’s work
Bill – ditto on club members’ work
Nancy – ditto #2
Next week the club will meet by Zoom Thursday, 25Nov21 Water First 12:00 noon; wait for the zoom link
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